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The Holloway Contract is a bully travelogue of a half dozen morally questionable fellows, whose search of a morally questionable providence leads them into a web of improbable intrigue at the turn of a bizarro century.


» College and Stuff

Sorry guys! We haven't forgotten about you or anything. Or updating, actually. The only thing I did forget about was updating the news to reflect on all of that not forgetting.

All of us are going to college and adjusting as freshmen and working hard and stuff, but by next week or the one after that we'll have settled in to things and gotten all back to work and stuff.
So don't worry, yo!


» Happy Birthday LucyB!

"It's LucyB's 18th birthday, let's wish a happy birthday to the gorgeous co-artist of Holloway! <33 "

» Triumphant Return!

My tablet is back! And so are we. Two pages going up tonight <3.


» Delaays

Right, so.. About that tablet thing. It's still not fixed so, er.. I guess we're taking a break until it is. Or until I get a new one. Maybe we'll have an update or two if I force Wellingface to do the inking and shading on my page, but we're pretty.. compromised..
Have a nice summer?

» Spotliiight <3

O3O We got spotlighted! Joy oh joy upon joy! Thank you smackjeeves gods that.. control spotlighting!
We love everyone. And life <3. Thanks supporters!

-Lucy B <3

» Our own website!

"Check out the new Holloway Contract site!"


» Running a little late tonight!

"There's a lot going on this week, so our updates are coming up slowly but surely! Check us later tonight for the next two pages! Also, we would like to do a character poll soon, does anyone have any suggestions on host sites?"

-StrangeWells <3

» Good to be home!

"Hey everyone! Strange Wells here, Lucy B and I just returned from an amazing trip to anime Boston and are trying our best to catch up on our updates! It's gonna be another photo finish guys, but I think our pages'll be ready for you tomorrow. Just cross your fingers! XD;; "

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